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We Tested 5 Of The Best Dash Cams & Zoom HD Was Our Top Pick: Here's Why

Reviewed By Sammy Holland - June 22, 2024

This one’s for you all of you safe and savvy drivers! At Consumer Trusted Reviews, we love giving our readers what they’ve been asking for. So you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve answered your prayers and comprehensively reviewed the Zoom HD Dash Cam…

Since its release, this dash cam has quickly become a real hit – with users frequently raving about its enhanced functionality and low price point due to a limited-time 50% discount. 

It definitely caught our attention. But, of course, we held back our full judgment until our tech expert tested the product in full! Now we have – and frankly, we think this device that’s currently priced at just $59.99 could just be your best investment this year!

Find out why….

4K Ultra HD Camera…

If you’re looking for a dash cam that offers great results and clear footage, Zoom HD is the choice for you. This snazzy little gadget uses 4K Lens for Ultra HD quality across a 170-degree field of view. Not many other products on the market can offer the same quality of image!

We tested this product in a range of different weather and travel scenarios, and it didn’t let us down. The camera picks up every detail with stunning crisp clarity, so you can be confident that your recording will be of the highest quality.

If you want to capture your driving experience with picture-perfect results, this product is for you!

Wide Angle Lens…

Don’t miss a thing! The Zoom HD dash cam offers a 170-degree field of view, affording you the best and most comprehensive coverage possible.

We found that the lens technology also includes image stabilization so you can be sure you are going to capture high-quality, crystal-clear footage. So whether you’re moving or stationary, the Zoom HD dash cam will capture every detail within its range.

IR Night Vision…

Worried about your old dash cam’s capabilities (or lack of) at night? Well, we tested the Zoom HD dash cam at various stages throughout the night to ensure that it would beat the competition and deliver great results in all lighting conditions. It did just that!

With its high-resolution infrared sensor, this mighty little gadget held its own and delivered great results in all lighting conditions. We can assure you that this product will help you to keep an eye on the road in any conditions, and even at night when it’s parked on your driveway.

G-Sensor Collision Detection…

We all want to be safe on the road, and don’t want to be a victim of a fraudulent (and expensive) compensation claim.

With Zoom HD’s inbuilt G-Sensor, you’re able to record the footage from the impact of a collision! It then locks to prevent overwriting, giving you absolutely indisputable proof of any accident.

G-sensor collision detection wasn’t a common feature of all of the dash cams we tested, so it is a welcome and great addition to this technology. You can drive with confidence knowing that you have the best protection on the road and will 100% be covered for any accidents that aren’t your fault.

Loop Recording…

Does your old dash cam lack in its capabilities for storing or loop recording your vehicle? Unfortunately, a lot of products fail in this area – which for most of us is actually one of the most important features. We tested the loop recording facility on the Zoom HD dash cam and can confirm that it is the perfect tool for keeping an eye on your 4 wheeled friend.

The tech guys did a great job with this dash cam, you can record continuous footage of your journey to ensure that, should the worst happen and you are involved in an accident or an incident whilst on the road, you have the evidence readily available.

Quick & Easy Setup...

Is there anything worse than a manual the size of a doorstop? Luckily, that isn’t an issue with this product! It really is so simple and straightforward to set up this gadget.

In just 60 seconds you will be done and ready to go, yes just 60 seconds! No scratching of the head or watching a 50-minute YouTube instruction video! With set up as quick and easy as this, you will be on the road in a matter of minutes. Its suction mount also makes it easy to detach should you need to, and makes it portable to take anywhere.

Glowing Reviews...

In addition to our own extensive testing, we asked the opinion of our readers to gauge their thoughts on the product.
Here’s what they had to say:

– Mark B
“Quality video, night vision, motion detect, g-sensor, it has it all and trust me in my 3 years of driving – I have had the use of all these features & they work perfectly! No issues since I installed it in both my cars! Great product!”

– Brent L
“I was able to show the footage of a hit & run thanks to the Zoom HD which helped me get the right compensation from the insurance company, without the regular run around! For me the product has already paid for itself.”

– Jamie W
“I was sceptical when I read all the great features they packed in with the price, but after using it for about 6 months and buying 2 more for my family, I can vouch for the quality & product. A must have for every car you own!”

30-Days Money Back Guarantee…

As if Zoom HD’s customer support wasn’t already good enough, they go above and beyond any level of service by offering a 30-day money back guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied, then you can send your dash cam back for a full refund, with no fuss.

This just shows how confident they are in their innovative device, and it is a service that we really rate for our readers.

Fantastic Value...

Out of all the dash cams we tested, you really can’t get better value for money than you can with Zoom HD. Even without their current discount, the price is an absolute steal.

It’s incredibly affordable for something that can save you masses of money in the long run – on theft related damages, traffic tickets, and insurance claims.

No other dash cams on the market could compare with all things considered, particularly the very competitive price point. In our opinion, this is a no brainer, and a key reason why Zoom HD gets our top marks.

Where To Buy

To be honest, we’d put this device at the very top of our list even at its regular price of $120.00 – it’s that good. But for those reading this right now, the news gets even better…

Currently, Zoom HD is running a 50% discount on their website – taking the price down to just $59.99, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand. Or, if you purchase 3 then you can save a massive 60%!

To take advantage of their special offer before they sell out, visit their official website, and make your first investment into driving safer and smarter.

This is the only official site. DO NOT BUY ANYWHERE ELSE. Get the REAL THING. Buy the well-engineered, PREMIUM QUALITY Zoom HD Dash Cam and get all the advances and new technology built into it.



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