We Tested 5 Of The Best Airwrap Curling Hair Styling Tools & Hair Stila Was Our Top Pick: Here's Why

By Melissa Cassidy - June 15, 2024

Do you want that same salon-worthy look – without the hefty price tag, or even having to leave the house? We hear you, girl! At Consumer Trusted Reviews, we love giving our readers what they’ve been asking for. So you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve answered your prayers and have comprehensively reviewed the Hair Stila Multi-Hair Styler…

We all love a bouncy blow. But achieving something even close at home can be super tricky, (even after watching endless TikToks), not to mention very time-consuming! And we all know that a trip to the salon is sure to set you back a few bucks…

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already seen and maybe even tried some of the top multi-hair styler tools on the market. From the Dyson Airwrap to the Revlon One-Step Blowout, we have tested the best of the best. And with all things considered, our favourite has to be the Hair Stila. Not only is this a great hair styling tool, but priced from just $107.99, it’s an absolute game-changer.

Find out why below…

Perfect Bouncy Curls…

If you strive for perfect, bouncy curls without the hassle – then Hair Stila is for you. This innovative tool combines the power of a blow dryer, curling iron, and round brush to create volumized and long-lasting curls that will stay in place. Having tested this ourselves, we had amazing results – with curls even staying in place after a sweaty workout!

Whether you’re a fan of a loose curl or a tight curl, we loved that Hair Stila has adjustable temperature settings that allow you to select the right temperate for the job. And don’t worry about your hair looking dry or lacklustre, the air heat technology ensures your curls are glossy and smooth. Just pop a small amount of oil through the ends once you’re done and you’ll be Insta-ready in minutes!

Dry & Style At The Same Time…

One of the most important things to our readers is always convenience. Imagine… it’s 8.20am and you have to be in work at 9am. Hair Stila will revolutionise your morning! Having tested some of the better-known brands, we assumed that Hair Stila potentially wouldn’t have the same kind of power, especially given the difference in price. We were wrong!

Hair Stila combines a styling tool and a dryer in one device. So don’t worry about having that extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning, it’ll make that dreaded routine faster and easier than ever. With its variety of attachments and different heat settings, you can dry and style your hair at the same time.

Whether you like sleek straight hair, curls, waves, or just some added volume – you can achieve stunning results with Hair Stila in literally half the time it takes to dry your hair with a blow dryer and use your curlers or straightening iron. Who doesn’t want an effortless morning with glamorous results?!

Less Hair Damage…

One of our favourite things about Hair Stila has to be that it styles your hair with air, not heat! You can create any desired hairstyle the natural way, without causing heat damage to your hair. So not only does it save you time and money, but it also helps preserve the health of your hair.

We were actually super surprised at the results, and our hair felt noticeably healthier, not as dry, and less split ends, even after just a few uses!

Customizable Styling Options…

With 5 detachable brush heads, Hair Stila is super customizable to any fit style, any occasion, and any personality. You can create something a bit wild, or you can stick with your faultless favorite.

No matter your hair type or texture; whether you want natural-looking curls, waves, or glossy straight locks; with Hair Stila, you can customize your look for any style. It also means that you don’t need a million different hair styling tools, no more tangled wires!

Painless & Easy To Use…

If you are looking for an easy, painless, and user-friendly hair styling tool, Hair Stila has to be your next purchase.

Once you’ve decided on your hairstyle for the day, simply attach the nozzle, choose your temperature, and then get to work! Anyone can do it, no matter your hair type, or how much of a novice you are. By using air rather than heat, you’re also much less likely to get any painful burns. Effortless styling has never been easier!

Glowing Reviews...

In addition to our own extensive testing, we asked the opinion of our readers to gauge their thoughts on the product.

Here’s what they had to say:

– Vivian M
“It has amazing features. I bought this a month ago and I use it every day. My hair looks healthier and fuller thanks to Hair Stilia!”

– Jackie S
“I went from about 8 tools down to one. I don’t even need the hair dryer anymore or curling iron or flat iron. All I use is the Hair Stila. It takes a while to get the hang of it, you feel a little clumsy at first, but once you figure it out, it’s AMAZING!”

– Sandra B
“I shouldn’t have waited to get this – definitely performs better than anything I’ve ever used before. These are the best tools I’ve ever used on my thick hair.”

Fantastic Value...

Out of all the curling hair styling tools we tested, you really can’t get better value for money than you can with Hair Stila. Even without their current discount, the price is an absolute steal.

Plus, it even comes with several styling attachments making it fantastic value for money. Say goodbye to your weekly visit to the hair salon. And ditch your accumulation of 3 hair curlers with different-sized barrels, blow dryer, and straightening iron…

Conclusion: Should you get Hair Stila?

With such a fantastic quality for this price? The answer is 100% YES!

What we love about this revolutionary product is that it saves you money, time and offers professional results! You will notice your hair looking more amazing than ever after the first use. And it’s great that you can always have it with you and look amazing everywhere and anytime!

Plus, the promotion price is impressive for a high-level product like this. You should hurry and pick yours before they go! Hair Stila is the best value-for-money option on the market right now.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee…

As if Hair Stila’s customer support wasn’t already good enough, they go above and beyond any level of service by offering a 30-day money back guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied, then you can send it back for a full refund, with no fuss. They also offer a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee, so if you have a fault with your product, then they’ll repair or replace it for you.

This just shows how confident they are in their innovative hair styling tool, and a ‘worry-free purchase’ is a service that we really rate for our readers.

Fast Shipping & Easy Returns…

If you want a hassle-free shopping experience, then Hair Stila can offer just that. With fast shipping and easy returns, they have you covered. Although we aren’t sure why you would ever return this product! However, if you do want to return your purchase you can do so within 30 days of your purchase.

The majority of orders are delivered in 3-5 business days so you also won’t have to wait long until you can start to test this product for yourself.

Where To Buy…

We can tell you are ready to get your hands (and hair) on this product. So we want to make it easy for you!

You can only pick up the Hair Stila on their official website, and they have some amazing promotions and package deals available.
To take advantage of their special offers before they sell out, visit their website, and say no to bad-hair-days today.

TIP: The company also offers a discount for bulk purchases over 1 item, with Hair Stila selling out rapidly. Take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today before the discount ends!

Hair Stila Salon-Quality Styling Without The Hair-Damaging Heat