Is This Breakthrough Telescopic Jetting Tool The Key To Keeping Your Home Gutters Clean And Safe From Costly Blockages?

Written By Sammy Holland - June 15, 2024

Gain the peace of mind that you can clean your home gutters easily and safely, without any risk of being ripped off by cowboy contractors.

My father has always been very hands-on when it comes to looking after my parent’s house – but it was only after his accident last year that I knew things needed to change.

Last summer, I received a phone call that anyone would dread. My 70 year old father had fallen from a ladder outside his home whilst attempting to clean out the gutters. Naturally, I feared the worst. 

He ended up staying in hospital for several nights, but despite being badly banged up, he thankfully avoided any serious long term injury.  It had been a lucky escape – and I didn’t want to risk it happening again. 

I started looking for businesses that would be able to do jobs like gutter cleaning. But the problem I found is that many were very expensive. My father would object to paying for something that he believed he was still capable of doing himself. 

I wasn’t sure what to do, but I got talking to a friend who works in the trade industry. He told me about a brand new tool that had just been featured in one of the country’s top trade magazines. It sounded like exactly the sort of thing I needed. 

I ordered one the next day.

What is it?

It’s called GutterJet, and it’s arguably the safest, best priced and most convenient way for you to clean your gutters. This telescopic wand connects to any garden hose in seconds, providing powerful jetting, and is incredibly easy to use. 

It extends up to a height of six feet, meaning that you never have to risk using a dangerous ladder to clean all those hard to reach areas. And thanks to the combination of GutterJet’s manoeuvrable ratcheting head and high pressure delivery of water, even the toughest of blockages get removed quickly. 

It’s incredibly lightweight too, meaning that compared to many high powered jet washers, you can avoid lugging around bulky external units. 

But it’s not just a one trick pony. Whilst GutterJet is primarily a gutter cleaning tool, it’s also perfectly suited to many other tasks. From washing windows to cleaning your car, GutterJet is the ideal solution for all this and more.

How Is GutterJet Helping People Already?

Despite only being launched in the last few months, GutterJet has already seen huge demand from both homeowners and small business owners across the country.  In particular, GutterJet has been praised as a game-changing solution to the all-too-familiar problem of cowboy contractors that show up late or overcharge for their services. 

The device is so effective that it has earned thousands of glowing five star reviews online, with users praising GutterJet’s practicality and incredibly lightweight design.

What Makes GutterJet So Great?

Safe And Easy Solution To Gutter Cleaning

Every year, hundreds of people end up in hospital after falling from ladders. But there’s no need to use a ladder when you use GutterJet – cleaning can be performed quickly and easily from the ground, keeping you safe from injury. 

Saves Money On Expensive Repairs

It is recommended that on average you clean your gutters out at least twice a year. Undetected blockages risk causing damage to your property and can result in you paying hundreds of dollars for repairs. With GutterJet, you can be sure that even the toughest of blockages are gone.

Suitable For All Types of Gutter

No matter what type of gutter your home is fitted with – aluminium, copper, vinyl or steel – GutterJet is suitable for all.

Combines High Powered Jetting With Lightweight Design

By connecting to any garden hose, GutterJet is capable of delivering water at high pressure without the need for a heavy external unit. There’s no risk of backache or cramp when using this tool.

Multi-Use Tool

When you’re finished cleaning your gutters, this tool can be used for cleaning windows, washing patios and decks, watering in the garden, cleaning the car, or even giving the dog a shower!

What Can It Do?

  • Remove leaves
  • Remove pine needles
  • Remove seed pods
  • Remove shingle grits
  • Remove insects
  • Remove rodents

What Makes GutterJet Superior To Other Gutter Cleaning Methods?

Other methods

Join the 38,000+ (And Growing!) Americans Who Use GutterJet To Clean Their Gutters Safely

“I used to dread cleaning my gutters, but GutterJet has made it a breeze. The telescopic wand is so easy to use and saves me from having to climb up a ladder. Highly recommend!”

Cassandra Heska

“As a contractor, I'm always looking for tools that make my job easier. GutterJet is a game-changer. It's lightweight, sturdy, and gets the job done quickly. My clients are always impressed with the results.”

Larry H. Newcomb

“Between work and taking care of my kids, I don't have a lot of time for household chores. GutterJet is a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning my gutters. I can get the job done quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing time with my family.”

Anne Greene

GutterJet comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning there’s no risk for you to try it yourself!

If you act now, you can secure a 50% discount – although you need to hurry if you want to benefit, as it’s only available for today only. Don’t leave it to chance and regret not buying one of these incredible devices sooner!

How Can I Get GutterJet Today?

To get your telescopic cleaning wand, go straight to the official GutterJet website. The company is currently running a deal at 50% OFF for the first 500 takers. But you need to act quickly to take advantage of this fantastic discount.

Warning: Due to GutterJet’s remarkable success, many companies are making cheap knock-off copies. BEWARE of these copycats, because they DO NOT have the same extendable range or lightweight design of the GutterJet. Go directly to the GutterJet website with this link to make sure you get the genuine product.
e authentic device.


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