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By Charlie Jackson - June 22, 2024
in Home Tech

Durable. Rechargeable. Unlimited tricks. Use it indoors or out. Day or night. Watch it fly like magic! It’s crazy!

“Dad, give me my spinner back!”

After spending almost 2 years with COVID, close quarters and A LOT OF TIME spent together, my family has been starved of anything new.

It’s been tough for all of us – especially the kids. On one hand I feel sorry for them. And on the other hand I want them OUT OF MY HAIR!

Not long ago, my wife kicked us out of the house and told us to go for walk to give her some peace and quiet. So we walked down to the neighborhood park around dusk.

I was sitting on a picnic table scrolling through my phone while the kids played when a bright, floating glow caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

Looking closer, I saw it was some kind of hovering ball that looked like it was floating magically through the air!

A bunch of kids were standing around in a circle with this thing. I had never seen anything like it, so I couldn’t even comprehend what I was seeing.

It was very bright and moving, or seemingly flying, through the air between them. It was like they were playing catch by simply by letting go out of their hand to let it float on air.

I walked over to get a closer look and saw that it was about the size of a baseball, and was lit up by bright, flashing LED lights. They were able to “throw” it and catch to each other.

Then one boy let it go, and as it moved slowly through the air, it actually spun, reversed direction and went straight back to him! Like a round, mini boomerang!

I was floored! I needed my kids to see this thing. So I called them over and we stood watching this lit up, floating ball. Of course, they thought it was as cool as I did, and I finally went over and asked one of the kids using what it was, and where they got it.

They told me it was called a Galactic Fidget Spinner, and were also kind enough to let my kids play with it for a few minutes. I have to say, even in our modern, tech-filled world full of gadgets, this thing was so cool!

All the way home my kids were begging me to get them one. I told them I’d “think” about it. But I knew they would love this spinning, floating ball, and would actually play with it.

We told my wife all about it when we got home, and once the kids went to bed, I jumped on my computer and ordered 2 of them, hoping to avoid fights among them for it.

Even though they bugged me every day, I never told them I already placed an order, and I let them think I was still “thinking” about it.

When the Galactic Fidget Spinners arrived a few days later, I got to them first, and my wife and I played with one for like an hour before the kids got home from school.

I tell you, these Galactic Fidget Spinners are a total blast! And mesmerizing to watch!

When the kids got home, I sat them down like I was upset about something, and as I was pacing back and forth, my wife sent one floating into the room behind me.

The kids went wild!

They are not only fun, but also give them something engaging to do, as they can learn all kinds of cool tricks.

And I admit, I am hooked. I spend waaaaay too much time fooling around with it. And now the words you hear being yelled often throughout the house is …

No more “I don’t have anything to do!

The Galactic Fidget Spinner is great fun no matter where you are … at home, in your back yard, at the park, the beach, the living room or wherever! If you only have 5 feet of space, it’s fun. Or if you have a whole backyard, it’s even more fun.

This remarkable flying spinner floats, glides and climbs through the air, and then returns to your hand … just like a mini boomerang. It’s so cool to watch as it lights up, also making it fun to play with day or night.

And wait until you see the endless tricks you can do with it. No one has put it down since we got them!

I guarantee it will be the most entertaining game, toy or gadget you have brought into your house in a long time. And it got my kids off their phones and away from the video games. Plus, we are all watching less TV.

Some of my kids have become masters at it! Learning new tricks is addicting. And when they start getting too amped up with it, I simply send them outside. Even at night!

Anyone Can Use it

You don’t need to be athletic, techy or have any special skills to have a great time with the Galactic Fidget Spinner. Even the kid’s grandma loves to play with it.

To use it, you just turn the flying LED spinner on, hold it upright, give it a shake, and it will take over from there! Just give it a hard or gentle toss depending on what you want to do, and you’ll see just how easy it is to start pulling off crazy stunts and tricks.

Bright, Flashing RGB Lights

The Galactic Fidget Spinner is designed with three different colored RGB LED lights that will track your gaze as it flies through the air day or night. And the bright, flashing lights will ensure it never gets lost, even playing outside in the dark.

Fast, Easy USB Charging

The Galactic Fidget Spinner is rechargeable using the included Micro USB cable, and gets a full charge in just 25 minutes! Even just a few minutes of charging will get you playing again.

Use It ANYWHERE – Indoors or Out

Unlike other toys, this can be used literally anywhere – in a room or on a giant field – day or night. And it’s easy to control to it won’t get lost or broken. Take it to the park, use it while sitting around the family room, take it in the car or to work, to have some fun in the office!

Excellent For Kids

The Galactic Fidget Spinner will keep your kids entertained for hours – and away from the TV, video games, ipads, phones and especially social media. The Galactic Fidget Spinner gets people together laughing and talking. It is 100% safe to grab with your bare hands, so even young kids can use it.

The Magic Galactic Fidget Spinner Will Provide Endless Safe and Fun Entertainment with Endless Trick Possibilities.

Everyone will love the Galactic Fidget Spinner! Once you pick it up, it’s almost impossible to put down. No matter who you are!

You’ll find your kids trying to sneak it into their rooms at bedtime. And you will soon be trying to “out-trick” your kids! There’s no end to the cool stunts you can do that will amaze everyone one else.

Here are just a few of the crazy tricks you can do with the Galactic Fidget Spinner.

The classic boomerang toss!

Into the Universe!

Pass it back and forth without even touching it!

Get Your Galactic Fidget Spinner While You Can! They are flying off shelves.

It’s so different and cool, it’s no wonder people love the Galactic Fidget Spinner so much. No one has ever seen anything like it! It will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults of any age. Just simply watching the unique flashing fun is entertaining!

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