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This Ear Wax Remover Is Selling Out Every Week! We Tested It To See Why!

By Charlie Jackson - June 22, 2024
in Home & Tech

Here Are The Incredible Results!

As a health writer I research all sorts of products. And when it comes to ear wax, I personally have a big interest in how to get rid of it – I’ve suffered with unwanted wax buildup for years.

When everyone thinks of ear wax removers, they assume they’re all the same. Insert it in your ear and hope it does the job more effectively and safely than a q-tip can. But unfortunately in my experience, they usually don’t.

So, when my company asked me to review the brand new Clearmaxx ear wax remover, I wasn’t too excited.

I thought. “I’ve tried many of these devices before and always gone back to q-tips. Here we go again.”

But this time – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

That morning, the package arrived with the brand-new device inside for me to review. I opened the box and was immediately impressed with what I saw.

Some ear wax removers feel a bit flimsy or rough to touch – not the type of things I relish putting in my ears – but Clearmaxx is the exact opposite. With a premium feel, unique looking design and super soft silicone tip to insert into your ears, I could see they’d put serious thought into the design, which I hoped would bode well for how effective it was.

It was definitely the most innovative ear wax remover I’d seen, so I really hoped that Clearmaxx would function just as well as I’d heard from their happy customer base. But because all the other wax removers I'd tested had been so mediocre, I tried not to get too excited.

So far, Clearmaxx had checked all the right boxes, but come on – the real test was how effective it was at cleaning out my ears!

The Real Test - How Effective Is Clearmaxx At Removing Ear Wax

I studied all the specs and discovered that Clearmaxx incorporates some of the newest technical advances for 2021. And that’s when I started to get excited.

Unlike other ear wax removers, Clearmaxx uses a patented Spiral Groove matrix tip, which has been proven in tests to be 5X more effective at safely removing wax. That’s the same level of effectiveness as getting it done professionally! The potential benefits of this new tech were huge.

“This is no ordinary ear wax remover. Clearmaxx’s patented design to safely remove wax buildup puts it leagues ahead of other devices on the market.”

t turns out there have been some huge advances in how to safely remove wax buildup over the last two years. But so far, Clearmaxx is the only device on the market to incorporate these features. Very impressive!

Enough reading – I was ready to put it to the test. I checked the super simple instructions, and was happy at just how easy this thing was to figure out. I attached the silicone tip to Clearmaxx’s body, and put it gently into my ear, performing a turning motion as instructed. And as soon as I did, my opinion of this device suddenly skyrocketed a few dozen notches.

I’ve tried ear wax removers before, but Clearmaxx is worlds apart. Within seconds, the device had removed so much earwax from my canal – much more than I ever knew was in there to begin with! The device is actually really enjoyable to use. It feels like a relaxing massage!

No sooner had I finished the first ear, I tried it on the second with similar results. Words can’t describe how much of a difference it made to my hearing! I felt like I could hear a pin drop!

Clearmaxx delivered amazing results, and it’s not just super easy to use, but super easy to clean too. It’s made with medical-grade silicone, which means you can just run it under warm water for a few seconds with a bit of washing detergent, and it’s instantly clean. It also comes with a range of reusable and replaceable tips, ensuring your ear always gets the very best treatment.

Since using Clearmaxx on the first day, it’s now all I use. I could never dream of going back to itchy, uncomfortable q-tips again. You’ve got to experience just how effective and safe cleaning your ears can be. And dare I say it – enjoyable too!

I couldn’t believe it. I don’t use this term often, but Clearmaxx is simply AMAZING.

I Eliminated Wax Build Up From My Life

There have been numerous times when I’ve had to go to the doctors to get rid of wax build up, which is a pain I assure you. But with Clearmaxx, it’s so effective that I’m confident I’ll never have to go back again. And because it’s so small and portable, I can take it anywhere with me, but wait ..

I can hear the questions now… all sounds great, but is this thing expensive?

The answer – no! At first I’d assumed that because of all its advanced features that aren’t available in any other wax remover of its kind, the price would be out of reach for many. But I was shocked at the price – it’s incredibly affordable for something that works so well.

“Clearmaxx is a win-win situation. The price is amazing, it safely removes wax in seconds, and thousands of others think so too!”

Usually I have to send back my review samples, but I wanted to keep Clearmaxx for myself so I could keep my ears clean in the safest, most effective and enjoyable way possible. So I paid the money and kept it. ZERO regrets!

I wholeheartedly give Clearmaxx ear wax remover a massive THUMBS UP!

Here Are The details!

  1. PATENTED SPIRAL GROOVE DESIGN – Clearmaxx a proprietary tip that is 5X more effective at safely removing ear wax.

  2. WORKS WITH HARD AND SOFT WAX – It doesn’t matter what sort of ear wax you deal with – Clearmaxx is equally as effective at removing soft wax and dry, hard wax.

  3. MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE – Clearmaxx uses super soft, medical-grade silicone that’s kind to your ears, not causing any friction or itchiness like regular, unsafe q-tips.

  4. SUPER-SIMPLE TO USE – Design with safety in mind, Clearmaxx lets you clean your ears without the risks that come with regular q-tips.

  5. EASY TO CLEAN – With replaceable tips and high quality silicone, it’s simple to clean, store and take care of your Clearmaxx

  6. AMAZING VALUE – You will be so happy with Clearmaxx you’ll want to order two or three to give to friends and family members who suffer with wax build up. And with such a great price, you’ll be able to afford them easily.

  7. CAST-IRON MONEY GUARANTEE – If for any reason you think Clearmaxx isn’t for you, just send it back within 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Is There Any Downside To Clearmaxx ear wax remover?

YES, the “downside” is that they are selling like crazy. Thousands and thousands of units per week. The “downside” is that they may sell out before you can snag yours, so get to the official website RIGHT NOW and get the bargain of the year!

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