Is This Breakthrough Device The Secret For Permanently Ridding Your Home Of Pests?

Written By Sammy Holland - June 22, 2024

Now you can rid your home of troublesome pests, and keep them away for good, quickly and easily and without having to spend hundreds of dollars. And it’s all thanks to an amazing new pest repellent. 

Earlier this year, I discovered to my horror that I’d got a serious pest infestation in my house. Over the duration of several frustrating weeks, I tried everything to get rid of them – but nothing worked up until very recently.

Discovering that you’ve got a problem with mice living in your kitchen and bugs in the bedroom is not only distressing, but – as I found out the hard way – often very difficult to solve.

I tried several off-the-shelf products and different traps, and even paid for a pest controller to visit my house. But, just as I thought I’d finally seen the back of them, the pests would start making their presence felt again before very long. 

I was so desperate that I was beginning to think that I’d never be free from my unwanted house guests. 

But then my editor approached me one day and asked me to review a newly launched ultrasonic pest repeller that was generating brilliant reviews online. 

To say I was sceptical would’ve been an understatement. I just didn’t see how this small, discreet device would work, when so many other options I’d tried had failed. 

But now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I can honestly say that I was wrong. I’ve not seen any pests for several weeks now, and I’m more and more confident that it has managed to solve my problem for good. And I’ve not even had to clean up any dead mice or bugs either!

So, if you’re someone like me, or you just want an effective way of keeping pests out of your home, you need to get one of these before they sell out. They’re a total game-changer. 

What Is It?

It’s called the Bye Critter, and it’s arguably the most effective, humane and best priced pest repellent that you can currently find anywhere on the market. 

Removing pests from your home can be both time consuming and expensive. Whilst some methods like chemicals, poisons and traps can work for a time, pests can frequently return back again. Additionally, paying for the services of an exterminator can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

But Bye Critter stands out for how easy and simple it is to use. 

It’s a plug-in device that works by emitting high-tech ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves. And whilst this cutting-edge technology is completely undetectable to you, it creates an uncomfortable but non-lethal environment for pests. Within just a matter of weeks, the pests are eventually forced into giving up their shelter and moving out of your home.

One Bye Critter is effective over an impressive range of 800 square feet, and has been proven to work on a wide range of common pests. From rats, mice, roaches, ants, and spiders, Bye Critter is effective on all these and more. 

And by being completely humane, this is a far safer solution for your pets and young kids, plus significantly more hygienic too.

What Makes Bye Critter So Impressive?

Permanently Solves Pest Problems In Weeks

Whilst other solutions such as poisons and chemicals can work for a time, chances are they’ll not solve your infestation completely. This is where Bye Critter stands out – just leave it working, and within a couple of weeks, your home will be 100% pest-free, and stay that way too.

Undetectable To Humans And Pets

Some pest repellents can be detectable and disturb you and your pets. But the brilliance of Bye Critter is that it’s completely undetectable. You can leave it running day or night, and it won’t affect your concentration or sleep.

Effective On A Wide Range Of Pests

Many pest repelling products make misleading claims on their effectiveness, but fail to work on certain types of pests. Bye Critter is different, and has consistently proven to have great success controlling rats, mice, roaches, ants, spiders, squirrels, crickets, silverfish, water bugs and earwigs.

Easy To Use And Discreet

Using Bye Critter couldn’t be easier – just plug the device and leave it to do its work. And thanks to its small design, the device is very discreet too. So you don’t need to worry about friends or family noticing that you’ve got it running.

Works Over Large Area

A single Bye Critter device covers an impressive range of 800 square feet. By using multiple devices around your home, you can be assured that you’ll be fully protected from pests, no matter where they’re located.

How Does Bye Critter Compare To Other Products?

Other Pest Repellers

Join the 25,000+ (And Growing!) Americans Who Are Already Using Bye Critter To Keep Pests Away

I am finding the Bye Critter helpful in my house. I HATE roaches and it seems to be chasing them out! It's been more than a few weeks now, and I find these little, quiet, and handy Ultrasonic Bye Critters are FANTASTIC! We have had 14 days of steady rain here in Palo Alto, which usually means Roaches and Ants and other creepy crawlies in the house… not a one! Not even a spider! I sooooo am thrilled that I went with this one… AND my 13 year old elderly dachshund doesn't even know these are running in the house! LOVE LOVE LOVE these so much more than bug sprays!!!!

Cassandra Heska

“Since Buying 3 Bye Critters it has taken care of our Mice and Stink Bug issues. We had mice in the Basement and they started to venture into our kitchen at night so I bought one of these for each floor of our home. We have a basement, Main floor and 2nd floor. I installed one on each floor including the basement. We had major Stink Bug issues especially on our 2nd floor and since installing this product on our 2nd floor we have not seen even one Stink Bug. We were dealing with them every few days. I wasn't sure it would take care of the Stink Bugs but it has to my surprise.”

Larry H. Newcomb

“Awesome, no more mice, better than the $600/year pest guy for 4 years that didn't work, better than poison that they just keep coming back, awesome…needed two to cover the basement entries, working great for 3 winter months so far, doesn't bother cat or dog.”

Anne Greene

How Can I Get My Bye Critter Pest Repeller Today?

To get your game-changing ultrasonic pest repellent, go straight to the official Bye Critter website. The company is currently running a deal at 50% OFF for the first 500 takers. But you need to act quickly to take advantage of this fantastic discount. 

Warning: Due to Bye Critter’s remarkable success, many companies are making cheap knock-off copies. BEWARE of these copycats, because they DO NOT use the same high-tech ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology as the Bye Critter. Go directly to the Bye Critter website with this link to make sure you get the real deal.


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