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I Was Regularly Paying Hundreds of Dollars On Pest Control…Until A Friend Recommended This New Device That Solved My Problem In Just A Few Days

By Sammy Holland - June 15, 2024
in Home Tech

Having a home infestation of pests such as mice, cockroaches or stink bugs is not only distressing, but it can also cost you A LOT of money to get rid of. I was paying hundreds of dollars each month on pest control, until a friend recommended a new humane pest-deterrent that solved my problem in just a matter of days. 

I was in my kitchen one morning a few months ago, when I noticed the worrying tell-tale sign of activity – mouse droppings on the floor close to my fridge freezer. This was followed by a squeak and dart of movement, as something scurried for safety from where it had been hiding.

The dog was growling, and as I bent down to clear up the mess, I could see the hole in the skirting board where the culprit was clearly living.

If you’ve ever had a home-infestation of pests before, you’ll know full just well how frustrating – not to mention distressing – it can be to solve. Over previous months, I’d been particularly badly affected at my home property. I’d already had a problem with stink bugs and ants getting inside and causing all sorts of mess, and more recently an issue with a particularly stubborn family of mice in the kitchen.

I’d tried everything to get rid of them – including paying for the services of pest control on a monthly basis, which had cost me around $500 per visit! But, as it was becoming increasingly obvious, they hadn’t managed to solve the problem completely either. I was feeling particularly stressed, as in a few weeks’ time, it was due to be my daughter’s ninth birthday, and I had made plans to invite friends and family over to the house to celebrate. 

But now, it seemed like I’d have to cancel. I couldn’t face having guests over when I still had a pest problem. Later that morning, I texted my best friend out of despair. 

My Friend’s Incredible Solution

I think we’re going to have to cancel Hannah’s party on the 20th – we’ve still got problems with mice in the kitchen. Going to have to call the pest-controller again.”

No, don’t cancel! You’ve been planning this for weeks. Hang on, I think I might have found something that can help. I saw an advert for it on Facebook last night. Let me send you the link.” 

It’s not poison is it? I really don’t want to be having to pick up dead mice!”

No, it’s totally safe!” my friend assured me, before sending a link to something called the Bye Critter. Reading the website, I learnt that it was a plug-in device that used state-of-the-art ultrasonic wave technology to drive pests away, cruelty free.  And, as it was offering a 50% discount, it was so much cheaper than the pest controller I’d been using.

Figuring that it was worth a shot, I ordered a device for my kitchen – and it arrived within just a couple of days. But would it really work?

The Moment Of Truth…

I’ll be honest that I had my doubts as to whether this device would solve the problem, given how simple it was to set-up. All I had to do was plug it in, and that was it. I’d read on the website that the device uses cutting-edge electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves to drive pests away – and due to it being completely silent, it meant that I could just go about my day as normal. It didn’t even disturb my dog. 

Due to how discreet it is, it was easy to forget that I even had it running – but it was only after several days I realised that I hadn’t seen any mouse droppings in the kitchen since I started using it. There was no sight of them anywhere else either – but I still didn’t want to get my hopes up. 

As the days went by without seeing any activity, I begun feeling more confident that it had worked, and excitedly texted my friend to thank them for their suggestion.

Thank you so much for sending me that link – I’m using one in the kitchen, and I don’t know how it has worked, but I’ve not seen any sight of the mice for days now!”

Oh wow, that’s fantastic! So, I guess you won’t have to cancel Hannah’s party now then?!” 

Given how effective it had been in my kitchen, I decided to order another two devices from the website for other rooms inside my house, just to be sure that the mice weren’t still lurking somewhere else. The product’s manual had explained that whilst a single device covers a large area of 800-1,200ft², using multiple devices ensures full coverage protection and is more efficient.

Shortly after my other devices arrived, the party went ahead as planned – and I’m delighted to report that my house was totally pest-free! I was amazed at how well Bye Critter had worked, given the amount of money I’d previously spent on other solutions. I started researching the technology it uses to understand just why it had been so effective so quickly.

How It Works

What I learnt was that the Bye Critter had cleared out my mouse problem entirely humanely. The ultrasonic waves simply irritate pests – whether they’re mice, rats, roaches, ants, spiders or other insects – into giving up their shelter and moving on to a new location. 

Prolonged exposure to these waves will begin to break down their auditory and nervous systems, meaning that their survival instinct will kick in and drive them away. So, there’s no need to go around cleaning up dead insects or pests, either. 

It also means there’s no reason to use harmful chemicals or expensive poisons – meaning this is the ideal pest-repellent device available if you’ve got young kids or pets at home. And due to the ultrasonic waves the device emits being far beyond the hearing range of humans, you can keep your family safe from pests and continue to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep too. 

Bye Critter has also been tested to be completely safe for pets – I can say from my own experience that my dog hasn’t noticed that these devices are even running in the house.

Conclusion: The Most Effective and Safest Pest-Repeller Available Today

If you can relate to my story, and are encountering problems in your home with unwanted pests, then I can’t recommend Bye Critter highly enough. When I think back to the huge amount of money I’d frequently spent on a pest controller, I just wish that I’d come across this device a lot sooner! 

Even other solutions like poison and chemicals can be expensive, and potentially dangerous to pets or children. Now that I’ve used Bye Critter, I wouldn’t go back to using anything else – it’s the safest and most humane way to deal with pests, and there’s nothing else on the market that’s as effective or offers as good value.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it, as this product is quickly proving to be a must-have item for thousands of Americans right across the country. There are already over 40,000 five star reviews at the time of writing this article.

Such popularity means that this will likely end up selling out quickly – so don’t delay on ordering yours! Purchasing the website couldn’t have been any easier, and mine arrived within just a few days of placing my order.

I definitely give Bye Critter a big thumbs up!

Product Summary:

  • HIGH TECH SOLUTION TO PEST PROBLEMS: Uses cutting-edge ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to drive pests away humanely, which effectively keeps them out of your house.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR POISONS: Pests are naturally driven out without being killed – meaning there’s no need for any clean-up of dead insects or pests. Pet and child-friendly solution to pest control.
  • LARGE COVERAGE AREA: Single device covers area of 800-1,200 ft². Note that ultrasonic waves cannot pass through walls. For maximum protection, use a device in each room.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply plug the device into a power socket, and it will immediately start to repel the pests.
  • NOISELESS DEVICE: The ultrasonic waves that this device sends are undetectable to humans, and won’t disturb you or your pets.
  • QUICK RESULTS GUARANTEED: Customers have reported seeing positive results within 2-4 weeks, or even sooner.
  • WORKS ON A WIDE-RANGE OF PESTS: Bye Critter has been proven to work on a wide range of pests, including rats, mice, roaches, ants, spiders, squirrels, crickets, silverfish, water bugs and earwigs.
  • PEACE OF MIND 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with results, you can return Bye Critter and receive a full refund. 

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